Closet Organizers

Are you looking for an innovative way to organize your closet but your just not that creative?  Store bought closet organizers are a great way to organize your closet.

A closet organizer is a closet system that you can purchase at many local big box stores.  You can organize your closet in any way you’d like.  You can purchase shelving, hooks, racks, boxes, drawers and storage bins in any configuration that you can imagine.  These closet systems are an easy and inexpensive was to organize your closet.

There are many stores that sell closet organizers.  They range from the local hardstore to the large big box stores.  This article will discuss some places you can find closet systems.

Ikea Closet Organizers

Ikea is a swedish company that sells furniture and storage items.  They do not have as many stores at the other stores listed in this list but you can purchase many of their items online.  If you are lucky enough to have  one near you an Ikea Closet Organizer may be your best option.  These quality closet systems will be of good quality.  You will find many options for closet organizers at Ikea.  Because the store is European you will a different selection that the local big box companies.

Lowes Closet Organizers

Lowes is a home improvement store where you can find most anything for your home.  Lowes closet organizers are typically of good quality.  You can purchase closet systems that are made of anything from particle board to metal.  Purchasing closet organizers at Lowes are a good investment.

Home Depot Closet Organizers

Home Depot is the main competitor to Lowes.  You can buy closet organizers at Home Depot in many varieties.  Closet organizers at Home Depot are typically of the same quality as the ones at Lowes.

Walmart Closet Organizers

Walmart  is a discount store that is headquartered in Bentonville, AR.  Closet organizers at Walmart will not be as plentiful as closet organizers at Home Depot or Lowes.  The types of closet organizers at Walmart will typically be used to supplement your existing closet system.  You will be able to buy closet accessories and other small items to help organize your closet.

Target Closet Organizers

Target is the main competitor to Walmart.  Closet organizers at Target will be of similar quality to Walmart.  The selection of closet organizers at Target will be limited as well.  You will find items to supplement your closet system with items such as bins, shoe racks, door hangers and maybe even shelves.

Local Hardware Store

The selection will be more limited at the local hardware store and the prices may be a little more than one of the stores listed above.  However you will be helping the local small business owner and helping the local economy.

Closet organizers are is a great and inexpensive option for closet organizing. Whether you purchase your closet system from Ikea, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target or just the local hardware store this can be a fun and creative way to organize your small closet.