Closet Organization Ideas

Everyone wants a lot of closet space and would love to have a nice walk-in closet in their bedrooms. People think if they had a large walk in closet they would finally be able to find the clothes they want to wear and they would get organized. They think that they would be able to organize each type of clothing and it would solve all of their closet problems

A large walk-in closet does help solve some of the space issues. However, you do need to have some closet organization ideas for a large closet to stay organized and keep things orderly

You will need to sort, classify, and arrange your clothes. However, you can’t use closet organization ideas until you have reduced the amount of clothing. Pull everything out of your closet and sort your items into three piles. You will want a pile of clothing to keep, sell or give away, and one that is trash. Try on all your clothing and decide if you want to get rid of anything. If the clothing does not fit, or you don’t like it, get rid of it. If you haven’t worn it for a year, then get rid of it.

Once you have reduced your clothing to the items that you want to keep, you can put things back in your closet. It helps to put similar items together. Make sure you put your shirts with shirts, and your slacks with slacks. You will also put dresses with dresses and skirts with skirts. You can also sort them according to where you will wear the clothing. Decide if the clothing is office clothes, casual weekend wear, or party dress clothing. You may choose to organize your clothing by color. It is easy to follow the rainbow in your closet. You can start with black at one end and end with white. Put all the colors in the middle. Another way to organize your clothing is by type. Put all the off season clothing toward the back of your closet. You will not need these items now. If it is winter, put the short sleeve clothing in the back.

Some good closet organization ideas are to put all of your accessories together. I would put belts, ties, or scarves in a basket that you can stack. Then you can place the basket on the closet shelf. You can put small items like socks, hosiery, and underwear in a basket on a shelf too. It will be helpful in getting dressed to have everything in an orderly place in your closet. It will also make good use of your closet space.

If you’re like most people you have lots of different shoes. You have dress shoes, casual shoes, exercise shoes, winter boots, and sandals. You may these different types of shoes in many colors. One of the best closet organization ideas you can use is a shoe organizer. You can have a complete shelf to be used for just your shoes. You may prefer to have a shoe organizer with a bench so you can sit down to put on your shoes. Some people just prefer a simple hanging shoe holder.

Finally, keep order in your closet you will need a place to put your clothes hamper. You will not need a place to put your dirty clothes. You will not want to put them just on the closet floor.